Drone Service Experts

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely, unique and actionable data to clients.


With a variety of flight platforms and sensors, we offer a unique and safe viewpoint of all your hard to reach assets. Get live feeds from our drones and guide our pilots to exactly what you want to see.

Aerial Mapping

Using cutting edge photogrammetry techniques, we turn thousands of images in to beautiful, high-definition, geo-referenced overhead maps and 3D models of properties and job sites.

3D Modeling

We create and work with fully realized 3D models. See your site from a different perspective, take a virtual walk through, and rapidly visualize changes. Highly accurate models help you understand what's really going on.


Radiometric thermal imaging of roofs, sub-stations and solar panels can identify thermal anomalies so you can proactively address issues before they become problems.


Multispectral imaging provides insight into your project by illuminating site properties invisible to the naked eye. Scientifically analyze crop health, vegetative cover and much more.


At the core of everything we do, safety defines our approach to creative problem solving. With industry knowledge and certified professionals, we can help ensure your work-sites are up-to-code.

Survey Grade

Highly Accurate Results

OSHA Certified

HAZWOPER 40-Hour Training

FAA Pilots

Part 107 Certification


Compliant Avetta & Browz Member


  • Site Mapping
    Site Mapping
  • Asset Inspection
    Asset Inspections
  • Infrared Groundwater
    Infrared Overlays
  • Site Digitization
    Site Digitization
  • Topography
    Contour Lines & Elevations
  • Volume Measurements
    3D Surfaces and Volumes
  • Multispectra
    Multispectral Analysis
  • Solar Inspection
    Solar Inspection
  • Construction Progress
    Construction Progress


"Geomatix was great to work with and incredibly responsive.

We were up against a tight deadline and they were able to get onsite, collect, process and deliver the volumetric data we needed in less than a business day to meet the project owner’s objective."

John Bracken, Senior Manager
JM Sorge Environmental Consultants

Geomatix saved us measurable time and cost...

..on some of our big topographic surveys. All of the field data we’ve received has been accurate and easy to work with. The maps and photos they’ve provided have greatly enhanced our end product."

Steve Parent, VP, Business Development
DPK Consulting

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