Environmental & Construction Experts

Based in the Northeast, Geomatix employs new, cutting-edge drone and software technologies to solve familiar problems in the construction, engineering and environmental industries.

With well over a hundred years of combined experience working with Fortune 500 companies in high risk environments, the Geomatix' founding members saw a unique opportunity to increase client ROI by expertly and safely operating drones to acquire new, actionable data.

We enjoy the luxury of both designing and implementing new solutions in this space. UAVs are expected to revolutionize the engineering and geospatial industries, and we're thrilled to be part of this exciting new wave of technology.

Meet The Team

Your remote sensing experts

Christopher M. French
Christopher French

Chris is our CEO and one of the company's founders.

Tom Gregory
Thomas M. Gregory

Tom is our CFO and one of the company's founders.

Ben Jarrett
Ben Jarrett
Operations Manager

Ben manages our UAS teams and operations.

Jim Seliga
James A. Seliga

Jim works with clients to coordinate our field operations from start to finish.

Jody Hill
Jody M. Hill

Jody is a founding member, geologist and expert in the environmental field.

Golky Barrios
Golky Barrios
Lead Pilot

Golky is a licensed FAA remote pilot and heads up our field operations.


OSHA Certified

TWIC Holders

Transportation ID

FAA Pilots

Part 107 Certification


Level 1 Infrared Certification