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Based in the Northeast, Geomatix seeks to bring the new technologies of the UAS world to familiar industries like construction and energy. The advent of this disruptive new tool has opened a number of possibilities for companies to increase safety and save both money and time.

With well over one hundred years of combined experience working with Fortune 500 companies in high risk environments, the founding members of Geomatix perceived a unique opportunity to increase their client’s ROI by expertly and safely operating unmanned vehicles to acquire defensible data and deliver actionable analysis.

Because of how new the field is, we enjoy the luxury of both designing and implementing new solutions in this space. Unmanned aircraft provide a unique view of the world that is suddenly available at consumer level pricing. Over the coming years, we expect to see explosive growth in the industry as more people become aware of the opportunities and applications of this exciting technology. UAVs are expected to revolutionize the way mapping and inspection work is done, saving companies tremendous amounts of money on labor and insurance.

Geomatix aims to fill this new niche and offer comprehensive, thoughtful UAS services to get the job done.


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Meet The Team

Your remote sensing experts

Tom Gregory
Thomas M. Gregory CEO

Tom is our CEO and one of the company's founders.

Jim Seliga
James A. Seliga V.P. of Operations

Jim helps coordinate our field operations from start to finish.

Ben Jarrett
Ben Jarrett UAS Operations Manager

Ben is our lead pilot and manages the UAS teams and operations.

Mike Bliss
Michael Bliss Sales & Marketing

Mike handles our marketing and coordinates our sales efforts