NJ Site Remediation Conference - LSRPA

Chris French will be presenting for Geomatix at the NJ Site Remediation Conference at 3:30 on February 5th, 2020 in Atlantic City. Learn about how drones are being used in the field of environmental remediation!

Join us for a 30 minute presentation on "Application of Unmanned Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for Environmental Remediation, Monitoring and Long Term Stewardship"

See our brief abstract below:

Aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing have traditionally required costly aircraft and sensors, a barrier to entry that has slowed wide scale adoption. As instruments and drone platforms (UAVs) become smaller, more affordable, and the supporting software suites more intuitive, these applications have become more accessible to the environmental professional community. The proliferation of small UAV platforms fitted with remote sensing devices is accelerating; georeferenced HD cameras coupled with thermographic and multispectral applications are by far the most widely adopted, with affordable sensor technologies and software solutions.

Uses include 3-D imaging and modeling of terrain and structures; cap/surface cover/pavement monitoring; topographic change detection; settlement monitoring; waste and stockpile volumetrics; construction monitoring and as-built documentation; safety audits; property transactional due diligence; landfill post closure monitoring; ecological and wetlands mapping; surface water discharge and groundwater upwelling; and spectral imaging of terrestrial and aquatic flora photosynthesis.

GNSS-synchronized ground control points connected to a base station are deployed for positional precision and accuracy. Advanced software solutions with sophisticated post-processing algorithms and state of the art hardware are used to integrate image and sensor data into one common orthorectified and georeferenced output for use in conventional CAD or GIS software. Solutions are aligned with client work flow to expertly and safely acquire highest quality auditable data and deliver actionable analysis at lowest cost and cycle time while reducing occupational and institutional risk.

Can't wait to see you there!