Accuracy in UAS Deliverables

Pretty photos are a given, but generating data that accurately represents the real world is a challenge. We put a lot of work into ensuring deliverables are to-scale and don't deviate from the real-world by more than a centimeter or two.

Photogrammetry is defined as:

    the use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects.

In theory, the concept is relatively simple. Much like how having two eyes gives you depth perception, taking two or more photos of a subject from slightly different angles allows you to gauge distance. Unfortunately, much like our depth perception, it's very challenging to get the distance just right.

The math that lets us turn images into 3D models works great in a perfect world, but in practice, even small changes in temperature and humidity affect the formulas we use to calculate the shape of these systems.

To overcome these challenges, we integrate ground control points in all our final deliverables. Ground controls allow us to tie real-world, satellite data into our photos. By using enough of these ground controls, we're able to upgrade the accuracy of our final products from meters to centimeters. Having these known locations lets us calculate the other variables in our modeling equations, and takes any uncertainty out of the system.

To find out more about how we generate our models with laser accuracy, please reach out! We'll be happy to show you a short presentation or even come out and do a demo

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