COVID 19 Response

Geomatix has fully leveraged technologies that we believe will become the “new normal.” One aspect of our digitization and automation efforts is that we can plan, execute and deliver our services remotely. Geomatix crews can undertake all field operations with zero direct physical interaction with on-site personnel. For on-site activities required by the client, for example mandatory health and safety training, our staff will maintain appropriate social distancing.

In addition to regulatory orders and mandates, we continue to monitor announcements and press releases by professional associations and trade groups. The NJDEP has clarified that environmental service providers perform critical functions that support public health and safety, and that some of their functions cannot be achieved remotely. The notice specifically identifies operations undertaken by licensed professionals (e.g., LSRPs), subcontractors and staff persons whose primary functions inure to the benefit of protection of public health, safety and the environment. Similarly, the NJSPLS has received confirmation from the NJ Governor’s Office that land surveying is viewed as part of the construction industry and is considered an essential service pursuant to EO-107.

The secure Geomatix web portal enables access to all work product online, with no requirement for physical interaction. Data and images can be shared with all stakeholders in a standardized format for rapid response to actionable items. Geomatix UAS operations permit real-time operational reviews to identify performance issues at active project sites and keep remote teams informed of the latest status.

As always, we’re making project content available in customized formats aligned with your workflow. Our cloud-based solution permits export of both raw deliverables as well as finalized reports. Standardized reports and PDFs are available for export to facilitate sharing with a wider audience.

Please be safe and take care of yourself, your family and loved ones. With sincerest wishes for continued good health and zero incidents,

Geomatix LLC,
Chris French