Geomatix, LLC is pleased to announce the award of a prestigious technical incubator grant from the Smart Airport and Aviation Partnership (SAAP). SAAP was established through a Regional Innovation Strategies Grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to the Atlantic County Economic Alliance (ACEA). The program is administered by the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), a renowned aviation leader headquartered in Hampton, Virginia.

The purpose of the SAAP is to encourage the formation / growth of high-tech aviation-related businesses and to promote the emergence of a synergistic cluster of these businesses in Southern New Jersey.    The aviation hub offers a unique opportunity to rapidly develop drone technologies  given the deep bench strength within the National Aviation Research and Technology Park (NARTP), the Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), the FAA Technical Center, the Cape May Drone Testing Center and the regional academic institutions producing a steady stream of young talent focusing on the development, acquisition and proof-of-concept testing for experimental airframes, sensors, new software and related technologies.

Geomatix is one of seven companies selected for the first cohort.  The competition was intense.  Entrants were judged based on 1:1 interviews with the review board and submittal of a 3600-word application outlining the applicant’s principal products and services, customer and client focus, an analysis of competitors, technical service offerings, the applicant’s strategic vision, mission and values and potential for future growth. 

Geomatix LLC employs georeferenced, high definition cameras, thermal and multispectral sensors for civil, environmental and ecological applications.  Advanced software solutions with sophisticated post-processing algorithms and state of the art hardware are used to integrate image and sensor data into one common orthorectified and georeferenced output for use in any conventional CAD or GIS software.  Uses include property transactional due diligence; 3-D imaging of structures; infrastructure inspection; surface cover/pavement monitoring; digital terrain and surface modeling; topographic change detection; settlement monitoring; stockpile volumetrics; construction monitoring and as-built documentation; ecological monitoring; wetland, invasive species, forest canopy and agricultural spectral sensing and classification; surface water discharge and groundwater upwelling; and spectral imaging of terrestrial and aquatic photosynthesis. Our solutions are aligned with client workflow to expertly and safely acquire highest quality auditable data and deliver actionable analysis at lowest cost and cycle time while reducing occupational and institutional risk.