In-Situ Thermal Remediation

On-site, ISOTEC and GEO employ Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR) for In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) at a Geosyntec site in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. This exciting process uses an innovative system to heat the subsurface to 100ÂșC to strip chlorinated solvent and petroleum contaminants from soils. The heaters are combined with a vacuum system to extract subsurface vapors and a C3 Technology system to safely convert those contaminants to a low volume liquid for offsite destruction.

Geomatix went onsite to document and inspect the system pictured above. System temperatures are continually monitored at numerous below ground intervals across the site, however it is difficult to fully grasp thermal effects near the surface. A quick glance at the thermal imagery our drone produced easily identifies where the hottest areas are and whether there are any unusual heating or cooling issues that need to be addressed at the ground surface cover.

Because of our unique setup and ability to carry two cameras at once, we were able to simultaneously capture Infrared and HD photos of the site. In the overhead shot, we overlaid a thermal image of the site on a traditional photograph. Even during a mid-summer heat wave, you can easily identify the warmer zones on the pad. During the first weeks of the project, everything was working as intended in this image; but peace of mind and preventative monitoring and maintenance can save thousands in optimization and energy costs on jobs like these.

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