Leaf Off Special!

One of the biggest limitations of traditional drone photogrammetry is simply that we can only model what we can see really well. In ideal conditions on cleared property or in the city this isn't an issue, but for jobs out in the woods or under heavy leaf cover it can be a deal breaker. That's why the start of Autumn is so exciting for us, leaf-off!

We're running a limited time mapping and modeling special from now until the end of the year. Read below to see why now is the perfect time to take a closer look at your site.

Take a look at the two images below. The first is a point-cloud we generated during the Spring. Leaves were fully grown, everything was green. The site itself was gorgeous, except you can't see anything but the upper canopy.

The second photo was taken in the dead of winter once the leaves had all fallen. A little bit of hiking in the cold and a short drone flight later we were able to generate the lower point cloud. You can still see the trunks of the trees, but the entire forest floor is visible, mapped and modeled.

If you were thinking about it, now is the perfect time to start scheduling your winter and fall flights.

We're running a special from now until the end of the year..

We've put together a simple package you can try out on your site of choice and see what drone data can do for you. We're looking forward to hearing from you, happy fall!