Brine-Water Pipeline Inspection

Geomatix, LLC and Hill Environmental performed a remote inspection of a brine and waste water pipeline system in Northern Oklahoma as part of an asset transfer due diligence effort.

Using multiple UAS systems, all of the inaccessible components of the pipeline right of way were inspected and photographed to provide our consulting partner with more than sufficient evidence to complete the expedited assessment report to the stakeholders.

Geomatix drones flew over 20+ miles of pipeline during the inspection and delivered high definition maps to the client. Large injection sites and pads were mapped as well, giving a clear picture of each and every location.

With the ability to fly our drones miles away, while still retaining a crystal clear image on our monitors, we were able to stop and investigate suspect areas of pipeline as we went. Even traveling at 20+ miles per hour, all the images came out crystal clear, letting us cover miles of pipeline in minutes.

Once we've captured every inch of pipeline, and generated fully georeferenced orthorectified maps, overlaying them on the existing drawings made the inspection work simple, and gave the final client confidence that no stone have been left unturned. The peace of mind offered by this highly auditable solution is invaluable for projects like this.