Drones & Phase 1 Site Assements

Phase 1 Site Assessments happen before every commercial land transaction. The land is scrutinized for contamination, often relating to hazardous substances. Having a complete picture of the site can save buyers from taking on unseen liability and risk, saving thousands in cleanup and remediation costs in the long run.

With thousands of collective ours of experience in the field of environmental remediation, we know exactly what to do and what to look for on these sites.

The images above are from a phase 1 inspection of an over 12,000-acre site in Northern Texas. The property contained numerous wells and pumps, many of which were targeted as areas of concern. We took a few drones out west and documented a number of potential issues with oil contamination, waste disposal and other environmental impacts.

Onsite safety is our number one concern, we always hold a morning safety meeting, and ensure everyone on the team is aware of of any and all safety concerns. Fortunately, with the drone, you never have to get too close to the action; but we did have a few special concerns—prairie dog cities presented a significant increase to slip, trip and fall injuries; the hot, arid weather plagued the sites; and dense ground cover disguised rattlesnakes throughout the area.

By utilizing Geomatix drone services, the property assessors were able to get in and out quickly and safely. By positioning themselves in a few strategic locations, onsite personnel were able to inspect and document thousands of acres without touching a foot of hazardous ground.

All our UASs provide a live feed to us and our clients, allowing you to sit and direct our FAA trained pilots, getting you shots of everything you need quickly and safely. At the end of the day, you have more than just notes, you have hundreds—or thousands—of images you can take back to the office and pour over in comfort, saving time and eliminating risk.

For more information, reach out on our contact form, or call us directly; we'll help take boots off the ground, and get you in the air.