Data Visualizer

Drone flights capture huge amounts of data, which is great! But sometimes sharing—or even opening—these huge files can be a real challenge. The Geomatix web portal makes it simple and easy to view your project online, download files and share everything with the click of a button.

Built in-house, the Geomatix Data Visualization tools provided to every client make consumption of orthoimages, point clouds, 3D models, photos and video as simple as visiting a webpage!

High definition orthoimagery is often a combination of thousands of images. File sizes for final deliverables can be upwards of ten gigabytes. Typically, you need specialized GIS or CAD software just to open these files. But as you can see in the images below, these maps are consumable in a familiar Google maps style interface, where you can zoom, pan and drag the map around with ease. Most importantly, all our maps are accurately georeferenced, meaning you can see everything they line up with outside the flight boundary.




3D data, either in the form of a point cloud or object file can be another challenging dataset to work with. Again, specialized programs and tools are required to load and manipulate these extremely large datasets. However, our download portal gives you the freedom to spin rotate and zoom in on these work products in the comfort of your web browser.





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