YBRA Drone Short Course

It's that time of year again! Join Geomatix, YBRA and DartDrones for a week long, UAS filled adventure in beautiful Red Lodge Montana.

Drone Services with Pine Environmental

Geomatix LLC is pleased to announce a nation-wide drone service partnership with Pine Environmental Services LLC!

In-Situ Thermal Remediation

On-site, ISOTEC and GEO employ Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR) for In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) at a Geosyntec site in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. This exciting process uses an innovative system to heat the subsurface to 100ºC to strip chlorinated solvent and petroleum contaminants from soils. The heaters are combined with a vacuum system to extract subsurface vapors and a C3 Technology system to safely convert those contaminants to a low volume liquid for offsite destruction.

Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Due Diligence

EPA defines “All appropriate inquiries” as a process of evaluating a property’s environmental conditions and assessing potential liability for any contamination. All appropriate inquiries must be conducted to obtain certain protections from liability under the federal Superfund Law (CERCLA). The specific reporting requirements for all appropriate inquiries are provided in 40 CFR §312.21 §312.31 of the final rule. The results of the inquiry are typically documented in a Phase 1 Property Environmental Site Assessment. Recommendations for the conduct of a Phase 1 ESA are published in ASTM E1527-13, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process and contain requirements for a records review, including historical aerial photography, a site inspection, and surrounding area survey. The Phase 1 ESA “shelf life” is generally good for 180 days. Thereafter, it should be updated including a new visual inspection.

Enviro Workshops - September 2018

Hill Environmental Group has a reputation as an industry leader in environmental remediation and construction services. Together, Geomatix and Hill Environmental integrate UAS workflows and technology with environmental knowledge and expertise. This fall, join Geomatix and Hill in learning about thew newest tools and processes being used in the environmental remediation ecosystem.

Brine-Water Pipeline Inspection

Geomatix, LLC and Hill Environmental performed a remote inspection of a brine and waste water pipeline system in Northern Oklahoma as part of an asset transfer due diligence effort.

Accuracy in UAS Deliverables

Pretty photos are a given, but generating data that accurately represents the real world is a challenge. We put a lot of work into ensuring deliverables are to-scale and don't deviate from the real-world by more than a centimeter or two.

Drones & Phase 1 Site Assements

Phase 1 Site Assessments happen before every commercial land transaction. The land is scrutinized for contamination, often relating to hazardous substances. Having a complete picture of the site can save buyers from taking on unseen liability and risk, saving thousands in cleanup and remediation costs in the long run.

UAS Short Course with YBRA

YBRA is offering two new courses to help you deploy the most advanced commercial sensing technology in the world. YBRA certificates in Field Applications of Sensor Technologies (FAST 101 and FAST 102) teach cutting-edge field applications of advanced photonics, imaging, and semi-autonomous aerial systems.