Supporting Landfill Operations

Landfills prove an excellent opportunity to employ cutting edge drone technologies. From cut & fill maps to compaction calculations, drone data is a quick and easy way save money and improve your operations.

Dune Reclamation with Drones

Over the summer, Geomatix  completed two small proof-of-concept projects in cooperation with the City of Ventnor, NJ to demonstrate the mapping and remote sensing technologies we use every day and how they can be used in support of dune reclamation and monitoring.

Leaf Off Special!

Modeling sites with limited access, is a real challenge. And even for drones, we can only model what we can see from the air. Out in a field, or on a new earthworks project is the perfect place for drone flights, but for jobs out in the woods or under heavy leaf cover it can be a deal breaker. That's why the start of Autumn is so exciting for us, there's a sweet spot between when the leaves fall and the first snow where you can get great mapping and topo work with minimal cost and effort.

Examining Landfill Caps with NDVI

In coordination with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), the Geomatix team completed a small demonstration project at a landfill in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. For the Landfill, it’s important to monitor the health of the live cap and ensure its and robust to help prevent erosion, weathering and other natural phenomenon that might threaten the integrity of the cover.

We deployed a drone equipped with a Multispectral Sensor (MSS) to map vegetative cover. We were able to successfully quantify the extent of vegetative cover and its health across an approximately 14-acre test area.

UAS in Construction

From pre-construction project estimating through close-out and final punch list deliverables Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/Drones) are changing the way progressive contractors are doing business. Since the FAA adopted part 107—the commercial UAS license—construction professionals have been early adopters of this nascent technology to assist in managing their construction projects.