Leaf Off Special!

One of the biggest limitations of traditional drone photogrammetry is simply that we can only model what we can see really well. In ideal conditions on cleared property or in the city this isn't an issue, but for jobs out in the woods or under heavy leaf cover it can be a deal breaker. That's why the start of Autumn is so exciting for us, leaf-off!

Thermal Waterway Inspections

Remote sensing has long been used for riverine and riparian inspections. Using thermal sensors to identify areas of ground water upwelling, surface water runoff, point-source pollution, seeps and other features can provide novel insights when characterizing a waterway.

Digital Site Modeling

Being able to visualize a project remotely or in the office can save time and money and help keep project stakeholders in the loop. Being able to take accurate measurements from the data can help engineers and other professionals make educated decisions without putting anyone in the field. In this article we share a 3D model and show off a few measurements.

Accuracy in UAS Deliverables

Pretty photos are a given, but generating data that accurately represents the real world is a challenge. We put a lot of work into ensuring deliverables are to-scale and don't deviate from the real-world by more than a centimeter or two.

YBRA Drone Short Course

It's that time of year again! Join Geomatix, YBRA and DartDrones for a week long, UAS filled adventure in beautiful Red Lodge Montana.