Progress Monitoring

Instead of sending someone out to your site on a weekly or monthly basis, send us! We'll go out and take photos from the same perspective every time and capture video of anything interesting going on at the site. Everything gets uploaded to the cloud and you get to view and share site progress with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Unlimited Site Photos
  • 5-10 Short 1080p Videos 
  • Scheduled Around Your Project Timeline
  • Digital Delivery via the Geomatix Webportal

Save time, create a documented history and view your project from an entirely different angle.

Progress Monitoring

Cut & Fill Maps

Hiring a surveyor to give you status updates on topography and earthworks progress can be costly and slow. Get up to date information to help with project planning, project fill needs, and manage your earthworks projects more effectively.

  • Full-Site Contour Data Provided within 48 Hours
  • Cut and Fill Maps Available at Your Direction
  • Access to the Web Visualizer for a Whole Project Overview 
  • Digital Delivery via the Geomatix Webportal

Ensure you've filled to grade, make sure you've got the right number of trucks coming tomorrow, and stay on top of your earthworks projects like never before.

Cut & Fill Maps


Stockpile volumes, takeoff quantities, and fill calculations all equate directly to real dollar amounts. Getting an accurate measure on your dirt piles on the way into and out of your job site can mean the difference between a profitable job and a money pit.

  • Accurate Volume Calculations to 5%
  • Complex Shapes, Huge Piles, or Tens of Piles - No Problem 
  • Single Day Turnaround
  • Easily Digestible PDFs or CSVs

Stop wasting money on your excavations, and keep track of your assets more accurately. Produce auditable, timestamped volumetric information for every pile and depression on your property.


"Geomatix was great to work with and incredibly responsive.

We were up against a tight deadline and they were able to get onsite, collect, process and deliver the volumetric data we needed in less than a business day to meet the project owner’s objective."

John Bracken, Senior Manager
JM Sorge Environmental Consultants

Geomatix saved us measurable time and cost...

..on some of our big topographic surveys. All of the field data we’ve received has been accurate and easy to work with. The maps and photos they’ve provided have greatly enhanced our end product."

Steve Parent, VP, Business Development
DPK Consulting