Site Modeling

Aerial maps available online are almost never up to date, and even if they are, they rarely have the resolution you need to do your job. In as little as a day, we can produce orthorectified, centimeter-level maps available for consumption by your CAD and GIS teams.

  • Generate Accurate, Affordable Contour Data
  • Incorporate Existing CAD Data
  • Visualize Project Layouts and Staging Areas
  • Measure Areas, Distances and Volumes
  • Compare Plans with Site Reality

Save yourself the time and hassle of having to redesign your project half way through. With an up to date site model, you can guarantee everything will fit exactly where you want it to. With enough data up front you can save yourself time, money and headaches on the back end.

Site Modeling

Site Inspections

Site Inspections, phase one environmental site assesments, bid walks—anytime you have to go out to a site to see what you're dealing with can be an opportunity to employ drone technology. Sending out drones can drastically reduce the time spent in the field, reduce the load on your team, and ensure an accurate and complete record of site conditions.

  • Pipelines, Railways, Utility Corridors
  • Hazardous Terrain
  • Inaccessible Properties
  • Time Consuming Travel

We can help document site conditions and image properties significantly faster than a crew on the ground. HD photos and video, orthorectified maps, and 3D models are just the start of how we can help you remotely view your site or property.

Site Inspections

Thermal Investigations

Site inspections and models aren't always as simple as taking traditional photos. Often we're looking for things we cannot see with the naked eye. Signs of pollution, water infiltration or infrastructure degradation are often visible within the Infrared spectrum, and by putting this technology on an sUAS we can cover large areas quickly and inspect assets that might otherwise be unreachable.

  • Identify Surface Water Runoff Patterns
  • Locate Point Source Pollution
  • Inspect Roofs for Leaks and Damage
  • Inspect Solar Panels or Transformers for Damage

Infrared data has a multitude of exciting applications that can be applied across a variety of projects and industries. Reach out to see how we can help you separate yourself from the competition with these cutting edge tools and technologies.

Thermal Investigations

"Geomatix was great to work with and incredibly responsive.

We were up against a tight deadline and they were able to get onsite, collect, process and deliver the volumetric data we needed in less than a business day to meet the project owner’s objective."

John Bracken, Senior Manager
JM Sorge Environmental Consultants

Geomatix saved us measurable time and cost...

..on some of our big topographic surveys. All of the field data we’ve received has been accurate and easy to work with. The maps and photos they’ve provided have greatly enhanced our end product."

Steve Parent, VP, Business Development
DPK Consulting