Geomatix PPE & Safety

Onsite Safety

Safety is a core value at Geomatix. Not just for our employees, but yours as well. We take all aspects of our flights seriously, from planning well past execution.

Safety is paramount to us at Geomatix. The opportunities to improve workplace safety and reduce personnel injury with UAVs are almost endless. Sending a UAS into or above a dangerous location can keep your employees out of harm's way. Drone inspections offer a clear benefit to employee safety and your bottom line.

Keeping up to date with what's happening on your site can help prevent incidents. Constant monitoring can ensure your grades are safe, and you're aware of all the large-scale movement on your work-site.

Geomatix maintains detailed maintenance and service records of all the hardware in our fleet; from batteries to props everything we put in the air is meticulously maintained and monitored. Our robustly documented standard operating procedures keep us focused and aware, during both the planning phase and in the field. All of our pilots are certified, Part 107 Remote Pilots that we independently train and test on all parts of the UAS life cycle. In the field, we'll always send a crew of at least two licensed individuals, ensuring the pilot in command can give their full attention to the task at hand while their Visual Observer keeps an eye on the drone and its surroundings.

All of our hardware is equipped with state-of-the-art anti-collision sensors, GPS, and compass technology to ensure any unforeseen event can be handled calmly and safely; and all pilots are trained on emergency procedures well in advance.

As proud members of the National Safety Council, we adhere to all their established protocols and procedures. All our field personnel are 40-Hour OSHA trained and understand all the fundamental skills required to stay safe even in a hazardous workplace. We'll also bring all of our own PPE to every job site and we're always up to date on our certifications.