Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral imaging provides insight into your project by illuminating site properties invisible to the naked eye.

Multispectral imaging has been around for decades as part of the Landsat program. GIS professionals have been using this satellite data to manage resources, monitor environmental change, map glacier movement and much more.

Geomatix has made this technology available on a completely different scale. Drones allow us to image properties at resolutions that are orders of magnitude more detailed. This new technology allows us to identify and categorize vegetation, monitor crop health, and support environmental monitoring and maintenance. See some example work products below:

Biomass Characterization

  • RGB Biomass
  • MSS Biomass
    Biomass Colorization

Contamination Visualization

  • RGB Data
    Standard Color
  • Pseudocolor Data
    Pseudocolored for Staining

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • June Landfill
    June Data Overlay
  • October Landfill
    October Data Overlay

Like every job, Geomatix brings unparalleled professionalism, vetted and well-trained pilots, and best-in-class hardware. If you hire us to help your inspection work we'll provide:

  • FAA Licensed Remote Pilots
  • Enterprise Grade Drones
  • 5 Band Multispectral System
  • Various Spectral Indices
  • Georeferenced GeoTiff Maps